I am more or less using TiddlyWiki both as it is intended, as "a non-linear personal web notebook" for idea generation, cultivation, and management, and as a convenient CMS for static site publication. It is through those lenses that you should consider the following changes.

Made $:/StaticFooter, put it into $:/core/templates/static.tiddler.html

Forked $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate into $:/core/ui/ViewTemplateStatic (and changed $:/core/templates/static.tiddler.html so that it uses $:/core/ui/ViewTemplateStatic when a static site is produced), where I added the table of Related and Backlinking tiddlers for increased static site navigation and discovery

  • In doing so, I learned that $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate would not let the WikiText for tables to work, though bolding worked and so too did the list-widget! In addition, all outputted things were on one line, but HTML was allowed, so <br/> would likely be allowed; this is why I ended up going with copying the HTML for a successful WikiText table and sticking in the list-widget for the Related and Backlinks tiddler lists.
  • Forked because if I did not, the Related and Backlinks info would be presented to me in each tiddler when I'm browsing and making my changes. Initially I considered taking it out because I suspected that the TiddlyWiki interface likely suffered performance issues as a result of this, but I switched to a different track, considering whether I wanted to be presented with this in every tiddler entry, whether I wanted to or not at that moment. I considered hiding the content within a show/hide function (which TiddlyWiki provides), but then I thought that that would defeat the purpose of providing increased discoverability to static site users (as at this time I had yet to consider forking the View). Strangely, along the lines of considering whether I wanted to be presented with this in every tiddler entry, I shifted to considering whether I should prevent myself from being presented with old content too much, as I do want to more freely-associate things. This latter consideration won out. If things end up linked together, wonderful! But I'd rather that the past does not have too firm a grip upon me, and I think that a structure that presents it to me whether I want it to or not at that moment would lead it to have a greater grip upon me. — However, in writing this I now see that I can merely put in a nondescript Macro button in $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate that will generate the table for me! Perfection! (I still wonder if even the presence of the button will grant the past some more power over me, but we will see more about this at a later time.)
  • Added primary font as "Ubuntu", and bumped the size of Tiddler body text to "16px"

Removed system tiddlers from $:/core/ui/ViewTemplateStatic for better SEO/navigation (especially for the primary pages, linked to by $:/NavigationLinks, by adding +[!is[system]] to filters; apparently filters can be strung together! More info about this is found here.