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3rd February 2018 at 4:58am

This is the index page of publicwiki! Huzzah! And yay for poor discoverability by default!

11th January 2018 — How quirky! There seems to be an issue with pushing dated posts that aren't linked to. I wonder why.

It seems to be an issue with the Neocities dashboard. Though the file is visible in the file browser (as shown below), the URL it links to seems to be wrongly encoded. TiddlyWiki seems to link to the correctly encoded file!

https://tactical-typos.neocities.org/11th%20January%202018.html // Wrongly encoded
https://tactical-typos.neocities.org/11th%2520January%25202018.html // Correctly encoded

HAH! I solved the issue of Missing Tiddlers being linked to, despite toggling it via my bash script. Turns out that I cannot have TiddlyWiki running in Node (in a separate terminal) while running the bash script, as EVEN THOUGH the bash script overwrites the Missing Tiddler config file, the other Node instance keeps the settings preserved!

What this means is that until this gets fixed, I will need to stop my local TiddlyWiki instance for PublicWiki prior to generating the static version and uploading it to Neocities.

Well now it seems to not be taking. I'm really confused by this.

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