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Analysis of Tactics' Outcomes test!

Holy shit this is important:

  1. Humans are not well setup for doing intellectual work *on our own*
  2. We're even less well setup for doing intellectual work *in groups*
  3. A significant portion of our lives, including the quality of our lives — due to the way that resources are allocated —, now depends upon our being *perfect* intellectual workers, across the board

It seems to be the case that whereas I approach a situation and seek to understand it and then accept/reject it, others first accept/reject and then drill into understanding the situations they accept.

Blah, this raises up likely the wrong way of thinking. Rather, it may be that both groups (myself and others) have periods over which they seek to understand a thing and then determine whether to accept/reject it, and my period is longer than theirs.

This second view falls in line with my interest in affirming an EverymanEthic.


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