5th-April-2019: PublicGoodFinance

Liberapay uses units of a week, not a day. We can use this to our benefit. Week v. month: week lets funds be more regularly spread, less dramatic.

"PseudoContracts" for cases in which money has been granted to someone

"Funding horizon": forward-looking schedule (time series) over which one's present levels of funding will expire. (Note that this does not integrate a predictive element. Wheresoever a predictive element is provided, any visualizations of the funding horizon should clearly distinguish between funding amounts that will expire and those that are predicted (will likely be renewed; in the case of when current funding is predicted to be renewed, one should nonetheless visually and conceptually represent them (1) current funding and (2) predicted funding as separate matters). (The key concern here is making it explicit that there is uncertainty.)