30th December 2017

This was straightened out for me, here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/marginal-revenue-product-mrp.asp

Long story short, the statistic(?) to watch is MarginalRevenueProduct. Oh! No wonder this is phrased this way! It's just like with Marginal Product [of] Labor, the "of" is implicit after "Marginal Revenue" and the rest is a clarification — in full, it ought to read Marginal Revenue of Product.

[Delineate the concept here and pipe it back into the original entry]


If considered with respect to BootyEconomics, the unit of input considered might be Booty and the output might be stimulation/shock/arousal of the viewer. Up to a certain point, the latter trends upward with each additional Booty employed (as this considers "each additional," we're talking about MarginalProduct).

The latter would also be associated with revenue derived by the producer/provider, but due to DiminishingMarginalUtility, consumers demand less and less of the latter, the more and more that they have, providing less revenue to the provider (as the provider must decrease the price of the thing to sell any additional units).


What prompted me to look into this is that I saw a video recording of a conference talk in which an "expert" online video maker was giving tips on making videos for marketing purposes. I confess that I did not watch the video, but it prompted a cynical analysis of online video that's been lingering in my mind for a while:

Present-day online video tends to involve quite shocking/stimulating ways of presenting information and narratives.