2nd January 2019: OrcMode

Use RegularExpressions (RegEx?) to extract from an OrgMode file all lines that start with a note's formatting (as produced via use of Orgzly, my key manner of using OrgMode). This would leave out the comments ("note contents") attached to a note, but I am supposing that I will not need to worry about that for now (accordingly, I'm worrying only about extracting a note's title). [Accordingly, this version of the app would be too crude to be used for fully reading and overwriting an existing file — allow yourself to only read a file via file browser, but prompt user for where/how to save the file (to prevent overwriting).]

Getting notes' contents

I could use RegEx to find all lines in the file that accord with a note's formatting and get the line numbers for each. Where there is a gap between line numbers, I might be able to infer that those lines would be the contents of the first-listed note ("first-listed" as when computing a gap, consider [note A line number, note B line number] pairs and check for gap via if (B-A) != 1.

Infer indentation level

Via count of indentation syntax's usage

Extract note statuses (states?)

Searches in new windows

Searches across all Notebooks (drawers?), across some? (Orgzly does across all if you access Search via general search menu, but in a specific Notebook if you start search in that Notebook — good assumption, but how to convey that to user)