13th-May-2018: Misdirectives

The notion of "Zero to One" movements, as suggested by Peter Theil, may be deliberately misdirective in that though the notion of moving from zero to one may hold with respect to the matter of the impact of a given action or innovation, the manner by which one gets to such a point is often not zero to one but the seeds of the consequent are present some time before its fruition (thus the seeds lie within the range between zero and one). Theil alludes to this manner of thinking through his book Zero to One, so it's interesting to think that he, who has displayed strategic thinking else where, could be duping people (who do not read closely enough) into believing that a movement from zero to one is possible and key.

This is connected to my notion of leveraging what I have to get what I want, which has its roots in what I have (as opposed to going from 0 to 1)